Finding the right Physiotherapist/Doctor

Finding the right Doctor Hard Flaccid
The first thing I believe you should do is to go to the doctor. While there, explain your problems and how it all stems from your problems in the ...

Hard Flaccid Recovery Time?

Hard flaccid, how long does it take to get cured?
What is the recovery time of Hard Flaccid?   Good question. Well it all depends on two things:  The first one: How severe is your injury? The fir...

Sex, how should you approach it during your healing?

Sex with hard flaccid
I've received some questions about how to approach sex and mastuarbation. Can I have it? What should I think about during the act? How do I comm...

Why anxiety makes hardflaccid worse and what to do about it.

Anxiety Hard Flaccid
How is it even possible, that bad thoughts can worsen your hard flaccid state?  Please start by watching this clip: It wasn't the hit that caused...

The rumbleroller, getting rid of trigger points.

Rumbleroller Hard Flaccid Cure

The best explanation I've read on how the mind controls your body and why.

John E.Sarno Book Hard flaccid
I found this amongst the reviews of the book that i truly recommend you all to read. I thought it was a good explanation of how powerful the mind ...

How to approach sex, and how to ejaculate without a setback, Hard flaccid tips 2019.

Ejaculation information during hard flaccid.
  Knowing when and how to ejaculate is incredibly important during your hard flaccid recovery. If you ejaculate during the right time your sympto...