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About Me.

This is the story of my hard flaccid syndrome recovery. I really do hope that I with my story can help you get inspired on your own journey. The first thing I want you to know is this: It is very possible to recover from hard flaccid, I truly believe everyone can be fully restored or at least decrease their symptoms to the point where they can live without it affecting their life that much. It is very possible that you right now are feeling depressed and hopeless. I know I truly did. Unfortunately, hard flaccid is a rare condition that is unknown to most doctors and the information given online is far from good. Please just take a deep breath and read my words down below and on the blog with a an open mind. The anxiety you're experiencing will resolve as soon as you can see the road to recovery ahead. I created this website to show you the way. 

I’m 25 years old. I’ve been competitive my whole life and started playing football and hockey when I was 4 years old.

When I was somewhere around 13 I played Hockey at the highest competitive level at my age. In one game I hurt my back badly. I got tackled from behind in to the wall. After the game I lost my breath from every step I took. Two months later all the pain was gone but I however remember being stiff. When I performed squats in the gym I remember my back tilting forward, my form was terrible and my teammates had a great laugh. A year or two later I heard about kegels. The author of one article I read praised it and I heard reviews about lots of men getting great results and control of their pelvic . So I started to perform them for fun to see if it worked. Today I’ve learned that the kegel can be useful for the older man who has a very week pelvic floor and erection problem. I however, was young. My pelvic was strong and my sexdrive was of course high as a teenager. I also learned later that I already was kegeling to reach orgasm quicker. My torso was weak and unstable from my injury and I trained a lot of football and hockey. When I started to perform kegels on top of that it got overstrained. 

 One day after experimenting with some PE exercises and reaching multiple orgasms it started. I remember the penis feeling a little stiff. I didn’t think about it much though. A couple of days Iater I ejaculated multiple times again and that’s when it hit badly. I was now to experience all of the hard flaccid symptoms that was going to be a part of me for the next 8 years of my life. 

I remember the penis feeling disconnected from the body, all the blood and tissue was sucked out and left was a shriveled hard pipe. The feeling was horrible.

I remember it like yesterday. It didn’t get better when I turned to the internet to read about what had happened. There I found hundreds of men talking in forums about the their injury and no one seemed to be able to recover from the injury. They were all extremely depressed, had high anxiety and some were even suicidal. It was the worst day of my life without a doubt.

In the beginning I couldn’t even get an erection.

My feet and hands were cold.  My hips, lower back, butt, hamstring and stomach all felt stiff and worried. My mind was flooded with anxiety. It was one horrible feeling going through this without knowing if there's a way out or not. 

It affected my life for a while greatly. My state of mind lead to a loss of motivation, confidence and general energy. My grades turned worse, I had no energy to search for a job and quit football, a sport that I had dedicated a big part of my life to. 

The beginning of the healing process, acquiring the right mindset.

My healing process started when I started to read a lot of books. I somehow found Tony Robbins and started to read tons of books on personal development, psychology, NLP, biographies from successful people and so on. This completely changed my mindset quickly. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, accepted the situation and took on the challenge to overcome the challenge that I had got forced to deal with.

Reading books helped my mindset tremendously. During this period I learned to open my mind. I truly believe being open minded is one of the important keys to a great life. I started to question my previous mind patterns and erased the negative thoughts that had conquered my mind ruthlessly. I read tons of biographies of successful people in the world and I would often found one important trait they had in common. Many of them had gone through hell early in their lives and it made them fearless, ambitious. The anxiety and depression that I had faced after hard flaccid cut me so deep emotionally that challenges around me suddenly felt so small.

After graduating from highschool I got a job in a food store. It only lasted a couple of weeks though, I got fired. I found out how many of the entrepreneurs that I had read about had started their careers in sales. I bought all the books I could find about the subject and got a job selling insurance buy the phone. Four months later I was one of the top salesmen in the company and received a check that probably was three times  the salary of the boss that had fired me a couple of months earlier. I don't write this to impress you, I won't release my name on this website for obvious reasons. I do however want to try to inspire you to turn your pain into something good, there's nothing like it. I want to to inspire you to accept the challenge that you now are facing and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Because if you do, you will come out of this as a man, I know I truly did. It might sound stupid, but acquiring hard flaccid early in my life probably was a great blessing for me. I look at life differently now and have acquired different, more sound values.

Today I work as a leader at the same company. I've tasted what it feels like to earn a lot of money and found out it didn't give me much fulfilment, in my role as a leader however, I've found tremendous satisfaction with coaching people and to see their individual growth. It will be a pleasure to now guide you through the hard flaccid, I know you've experienced hell. But you shall soon see light.

Back to the healing :- )

Somewhere around here I also read about Obitoos story and his philosophy about HF being the cause of a cramp in the pelvic floor. This lead me to read books about the body.

Please take a  look at the picture above. When I realised this, I began to see rapid results. 

I started to see the correlation. It wasn't just my penis that was all messed up. As I said before, all the muscles close to the pelvis were aswell. My hands and feet were cold. My hips were tight, my lower back and abs was weak, my back thighs were tense, my mind was anxious and so on. Healing from HF is simple once you understand the correlation. You won't heal by simply abstaining from masturbation, changing your diet or by putting some type of "healing cream" on your penis. Trust me.

Abstaining could give me temporary results. But as soon as i ejaculated I was back at square one. Permanent results came from improving the muscles around the pelvis. I remember one particular moment when I learned how to stabilize my lower back that had been tense and worried. I tried one exercise from Pete Egoscues book where you put up both of your feet on the couch and push your butt close to the couch. In the beginning it felt uncomfortable. My lower back was tense and trembled. But as time passed however, I felt how it slowly, but surely stabilized. The trembling stopped and the lower back rested calmly against the floor. I started to form a daily routine of exercises like this and started to see real, permanent results. Every succesful exercise gave in return more blood flow to the penis and pelvic floor.

It's like playing a puzzle with your body. It's a matter of strengthening and stabilizing the muscles around the pelvis. Some muscles will be harder than others to stabilize. When it's all done however. Your cramp in the pelvis resolve and your bloodflow will be regained to your penis. 

To do this you need a solid routine of different exercises which will strengthen, relax and stabilize the muscles around your pelvic floor. Until this has been achieved, you won't see any real results.

Playing the puzzle with my body and doing trigger point therapy only fixed 50-70% of the problem.

Here's the secret to experience a complete hard flaccid cure:

I got fully restored once i realised my prostate had been inflamed with Candida for all these years. I'm confident that it's the root cause behind all of this. The "Start here" section on the top of the page contains more information about prostate inflammation and what you need to do in order to cure it. 

How did I ever come to think of the prostate being the problem? Well, when I was volunteering at a children's orphanage in Tanzania I had a lot of time for myself each day to just think. At this point I was a lot better, could have sex from time to time but the hard flaccid was still present, I couldn’t ejaculate frequently without it coming back and I also had problems with premature ejaculation even though things were a lot better from all of the rehab I’d done. At my spare time I was reading tons of books and was just thinking about my life and how to improve it constantly. I decided that I would try to think about all the things that may have had an impact on this back from my childhood. And I came to think about an event when I was very young and got a candida infection on my penis. During this infection I also remember that I got some unpleasant floatings from my penis. I wonder where these floatings came from, and googled where sperm is produced. I came to know that it’s the prostate which is producing it and started to make research about the prostate. Rather quickly I had a feeling that I was onto something as I read about people tons of people with prostate problems having CPPS, lower back pain, cold hands and feet and so on. I made some further research, changed my diet and acquired medicine in order to starve the bacteria which was causing the inflammation in the prostate and restricting the blod flow. I got immediate results and got rid off HF completely in a matter of days. That prostate is the problem might sound farfetched to you. But the prostate is producing sperm, the sperm is traveling through the pelvic floor region. What happens when the prostate and pelvic floor gets inflamed with candida? Blood flow restriction. 

It won't take you 7-8 years to heal as it did for me. It took me 7-8 years of experimentation to find the right recipe for success. When done right I believe it's possible to be fully restored within a few weeks or months. It all depends on your discipline and dedication.