Finding the right Physiotherapist/Doctor

Doctor Cure Success Hard Flaccid

The first thing I believe you should do is to go to the doctor. While there, explain your problems and how it all stems from your problems in the pelvic floor. If you only talk about your hard flaccid your doctor will probably be confused. Tell him that you want to get sent to a department where they specialize in pelvic floor issues. There you'll find the specialists. It's possible that the doctors there has never heard of hardflaccid before. However, it's only one of the symptoms from a dysfunctional pelvic. The people there has treated tons of women with severe pelvic problems after birth and such. They can help you. 

Besides from getting help from the doctors, It can also be beneficial to achieve help from someone who has an education in MAT (Muscle activation Techniques)

MAT has been a huge part of my journey. If you've completed my body test, I've taken some of the techniques from there.  And a lot of the rehab training in my program is from what I've learned from my sessions with it. MAT is so far ahead of the game and it will revolutionize the way we heal our bodies from injuries in general. 

Down below is a video where the founder, Greg Roskopf is talking about how he came up with MAT.

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