Sex, how should you approach it during your healing?

Sex with hard flaccid

I've received some questions about how to approach sex and mastuarbation.

  • Can I have it?
  • What should I think about during the act?
  • How do I communicate this to my partner or people I have sex with? 
  • How often could one have it without experiencing a setback?

Start with being honest:

Are you in a relationship ? Then the first thing you need to do is of course to talk with your partner. Honesty is everything, I've talked about my condition to a lot of people. Both Friends, partner and family.

Never ever have I received a negative response, I've always received the opposite! People have been extremely understanding and encouraging, they also admire the courage of a person who is open about his vulnerabilities. When I started having sex every girl I met was extremely understanding and my partner today was and is as well. She even got angry at me for waiting so long. It was the thing standing in between us getting together. I would always hesitate when being with her and 

Explain how your pelvic floor has been overstrained and that you'll need to be careful with the timing of sex and orgasms henceforth. 

Like I've said before in my ejaculation blog post. You shouldn't ejaculate until you've achieved the positive signs. When you've done so you can resume sex. However, you need to be careful. I wouldn't go over 2-3three times a week in the beginning. 

Before intercourse I like to do some light reverse kegeling. I also do it very lightly during penetration. Many of you also need to get rid of the habit of kegeling during sex, it will inflict damage to your pelvis. 

You'll need to be careful with the positions that you're engaging in, if there's a position that is straining your pelvis you need to change quickly. 

In the program I'll list the best positions that I use, a position where she is riding you for example is great, but it was really hard for me to thrust from that position without tensing my pelvis. So choose your positions wisely, and while it's hard to explain: Remember to just thrust with your body and let your pelvic be, let it stay relaxed through the whole process. You can only achieve this by staying relaxed, don't get caught up in the moment and let your horniness make you do something stupid :- )

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