Why anxiety makes hardflaccid worse and what to do about it.

Depression and Hard Flaccid

How is it even possible, that bad thoughts can worsen your hard flaccid state? 

Please start by watching this clip:

It wasn't the hit that caused him pelvic and testicle pain. It was his mind.

Anxiety, depression, stress, fear. All of these things will increase pelvic tension and worsen your hard flaccid. 

Active relaxation can actually be just as important as physical therapy!

I remember one time, when I was really depressed and stressed, and decided to watch a horror movie. I've probably never felt that bad ever before. 

There's a lot of articles describing the impact negative stress can have on your pelvic floor. And it's definitively something that you should direct attention to and take seriously. 

Learning how to control these emotions will make things tremendously better for you. It won't cure you, but it sure will make things a lot easier. 

Down below, I will soon share some tips and routines that I applied in order to get confident, though and ready to conquer what's ahead. That hopelessness feeling you're having right now, you will need to destroy it. It's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself, seriously. 

Before giving you some tips and routines that I want you too follow, I would like to talk about the most important system of your brain, the reticular activating system

 Most of you probably have seen and heard about "The secret", celebrities like Oprah  and Conor Mcgregor are talking about it all the time! 

The secret, Hard flaccid and anxiety

There's both a book and a documentary, and it's talking about the mind and how we attract what we think about. I think it's a great book. But sometimes I get irritated when they talk about it being something "magic". 

For example, they say that you attract exactly everything in your life. So if you visualise the parking spot that you want to have each morning, you will get it. And if your sibling died in a car crash. He attracted it because of the wrong thoughts. That's nonsense, there's a logic reason behind it all. 

Our brains are getting an incredible amount of impressions each day, all the time. You're constantly visually seeing different objects and you're constantly hearing different voices and sounds. We therefore got the reticular activating system in our brain, and it's task is to filter what we should focus on. 

For example: Ever been in a crowd, with lots and lots of people, where you suddenly hear somebody mentioning your name? Even though there is hundreds of people around you, you still heard someone mentioning your name. 

That's the reticular activating system working! Another example is where you learn a new word that you never heard or seen before. And suddenly, you're seeing and hearing this world around you all the time. 

That's why when you're planting a goal in your mind, and visualise it constantly, your life will start to change dramatically.

Suddenly you will start to become extremely creative, you will start to see all of the opportunities around you that you previously had neglected. Suddenly you will get that breakthrough idea, suddenly you will come up of what's wrong in your strategy and start making a action list of things that will make you reach your goal. 

This is how I overcame hard flaccid. And it was extremely hard, as there had been no one before me that I knew of, that had achieved success and cured him self after so many years. But I kept on writing ideas that I constantly put to test which gave me progress. 

The reticular activating system will work in your favor if you're having the right goals planted in your mind. If you're having negative thoughts planted however, you life will be sent into a downward spiral. Because you will mostly receive negative impressions. 

These impressions will make you feel bad, when you feel bad you're low on energy and don't want to do anything. Making you experience anxiety. And when you're anxious, you pelvic tension will increase. Making your hard flaccid worse. 

Therefore, your main focus and subjects that you're thinking about constantly, will decide your future. 

Alright! Let's get to the tips on some tips that I applied into my daily routine, I would advice you to do the same. 

 - Stop reading hard flaccid forums all the time! 

When you read the forums with hard flaccid sufferers, it's flooded with negativity and hopelessness. 

All the people on these forums are desperate, extremely negative and they all seem hopeless. You need to stop that bad habit. Only read about stories like mine :-) success stories! Unfortunately there's not that many success stories available right now, but if there's one or a few. You stick to them. 

I had to sometimes get into these forums and different sites on the internet in order to gather information and clues. But you don't have to, because you don't have to reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is to walk in my footsteps of success, and you shall achieve the same results. 

- Feed your mind each and every single day.

Every single day, you need too flood your mind with positivity, all the time! Life has just punched you in the nose, and you need to fight back, quick! 

 First of, I would recommend Tony Robbins in order to learn how to control and direct your thoughts. He's probably the best one ever in his field. I don't know how many entrepreneurs, athletes and other successful people I've heard about that have said the sentence: "It all started after I read "The giant within, with Tony Robbins" 

Tony is extremely well read and is using techniques from NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Tony has books, audio programs and tons of free information on how to control your thoughts that I recommend you to feed your mind with. Go to youtube or Soundcloud and you a lot of free stuff!

Then we have Eckhart Tolle, what an incredible person! 

Eckhart will teach you to beat anxiety and to be present. While it's important to have goals to look forward to - It's dangerous to have those goals define you. 

So many people make the mistake of writing down all these goals, and deciding that when I achieve that, then I will become happy! 

  • When I get rid off hard flaccid, then I will become happy!
  • Or when I get rich! 
  • Or when I get a girlfriend!
  • Or when I have an amazing body!

This is dangerous, you're placing your happiness in the future instead of living with it right now. It is the journey that makes us happy, the everyday life and the struggle. 

Not the results. There's tons of successful entrepreneurs who sold their company for a big stake, who later becomes incredibly depressed. Turning to alcohol and pills. 

We have a reward system within ourselves that makes us happy in struggle and activation. We're build to live in caves, to farm, to hunt, to struggle, to be active. Not to achieve a goal and then don't do anything for the rest of our lives. 

He also gave me a tip on anxiety that I felt was incredibly helpful which is this: When anxiety kreeps up on you, never ever try to push it away. Meet it, accept it, welcome it and feel it. That's when you really decrease the impact it haves on you. When you try to push the feeling away, fear kreeps in and anxiety will soon strangle you. 

It's normal to experience anxiety from time to time during your hard flaccid journey. It's impossible to escape completely, embrace the struggle. It's way easier for you than me, because you know there's a way out! I didn't when I started. 

eckhart tolle tips to use for anxiety during hard flaccid 

These guys truly changed my life. Remember: Motivation is only temporary, but so is hygiene. That is why you're brushing your teeth each and everyday. Likewise, you need to feed your mind with positive messages and people everyday.

- Workout. 

You always feel better after a workout. So much better! It all has to do with neuro chemicals. 

There are four chemicals in our brain that will influence our happiness, they are:

1: Dopamine

2: Oxytocin

3: Serotonin

4: Endorphins

There are tons of studies made on the subject, and it has been proven over and over again that the "happy chemicals" increases dramatically in our brain after a workout. It's incredible!

I hope you've heard about the story of Tyson Fury. His story truly is incredible. He was an unbeaten world heavy weight boxer with a record of 27-0. A couple of years ago he achieved the heavy weight word title after beating Wladimir Klitschko. 

Remember me talking about how it's the journey that matters, and not the money, fame or achievements? 

Tyson Fury is a proof of that. After he achieved that title he felt totally empty and went off rails. He got super depressed, started drinking, doing drugs and gained more than 100 pounds in weight. 

He recently made probably the coolest comeback ever in boxing history when he came back to fight the current heavy weight champion Deontay Wilder (unbeaten 40-0) The match was a draw. But the match is seen as a judge scandal and Tyson Fury is said to have won the fight. Never the less, the comeback was amazing and he gave the people 2 rules for success and happiness: 

1: Have a goal and visualise it constantly

2: Exercise! He says that when he exercises regularly, it's impossible for him to be depressed. 

However: Be careful with the strength training in the beginning!

When I for example did leg training, running or deadlifts my hard flaccid always got to its worst. You can however do certain strength exercises that doesn't aggrevate the pelvic floor. In my program I list my exact workout that I did to avoid aggrevation and pelvic discomfort.

Once things are starting too feel better, you will be able too workout and have as much sex as you want. In the beginning however, you shouln't take any risks. 

During the days that you're not strength training I would advice you to practice Yoga! 

It's great for anxiety, relaxation and it will help the general stability and function of your body. There's many hard flaccid sufferers who has said that they saw great improvement after doing it! Yin yoga is my favorite. Try it out! 

- Talk to somebody 

You can speak to a doctor, psychologist, family member or a friend.

It feels great to talk about this thing that you've been holding as a secret for so long. Go to your doctor if you haven't yet. I always get surprised by the number of people who haven't even spoke to their doctor yet. He will be able to:

  • send you too a pelvic floor specialists
  • prescribe you medication for the probable inflammation of your prostate
  • connect you with a psychologist, and much more!

- Stay Committed! During struggles and setbacks

 This is so important. If you stay committed to your physical, mental and diet routine you will achieve progress and good results. Every time you feel that you're improving, your mood will shift into the better.

Progress equal happiness - Tony Robbins

Stay dedicated and never ever ever, give up. I have paved the way forward for you. You just got to walk in my footsteps. 

As always, if you do have any questions, please contact me at beathf@outlook.com

Here you can read read about my personal coaching. 

Good Luck!