How to approach sex, and how to ejaculate without a setback, Hard flaccid tips 2019.

When and how to ejaculate/orgasm during Hard Flaccid.


Knowing when and how to ejaculate is incredibly important during your hard flaccid recovery. If you ejaculate during the right time your symptoms will improve, if you ejaculate during the wrong time however, you'll go backwards.

I was one of the people who thought that restraining for as long as possible was the answer. One time I almost made it to two months without an ejaculation, only to get back to square one after doing it. Abstaining for this long is nonsense and will give you nothing. I don't know when 

 To know when to ejaculate you need to know about the good and bad signs.

You can read about the good signs here and the bad signs here

For example: If the ejaculation occurs when your muscles around the pelvis feels tight, your penis feels hard and disconnected, when your hands or feet feels cold or when you've cheated on the diet your hard flaccid will only worsen.

You need to be patient, eliminate all the negative signs and start to get all the good ones, when the preparation is correct the blood flow to your penis will improve drastically after ejaculation. How will an athlete handle a muscle injury? He would probably rest in the beginning and fix the muscles around the injury at first, later on when the time is right he will start some light rehabilitate- training which only will improve the recovery. After that he will slowly but surely increase the intensity of his workouts. 

It’s dangerous to train a muscle the wrong way during the recovery of an injury, if it’s done carefully and correct however, it will drastically improve the healing process, it’s the same with the ejaculation during a hard flaccid recovery.

 Besides knowing about the good signs, you also need to learn how to ejaculate. A lot of the guys who attract hard flaccid has been having a habit of tensing the pelvic floor during sex or masturbation, either unconsciously or to reach orgasm quicker. This is a habit you need to get rid off. Most people are also sitting down when they masturbate, in this position the pelvic floor can tense up more easily and will spasm hard during the orgasm.

Learning how to release properly is a must. I would never gain any real progress until I did. It took a long time for me to learn how do this even though it is very simple. I didn't see the correlation. I learned to handle this perfectly by creating a small checklist on my Iphone that I went through before every release. If there was some dot on the checklist that wasn't fulfilled: Let's say my testicles wasn't hanging low, feeling tight or if my mind felt anxious. Then I would wait a day or two until all things were in place. 

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