The negative indicators

Bad signs for hard flaccid

Here are some of the negative indicators that you'll need to know about. The first thing I want to remind you of is this:  When they pop up after a time of good progress, keep calm! Don't do anything stupid. Take a deep breath and look at your routine, they don't come for no reason.

Did you become lazy in your routine? Has your orgasms occured in a relaxed manner, is there some body part that is feeling unstabile and tense, did you train too hard in the gym, did you cheat with the diet or anything else? There's always an answer. Find the answer, correct it and the "bad" indicator will go away quickly so that you can return to the lane of progress again.

Don't do as I did for so many years. When I got a bad setback I temporarily just gave up, slacked off on the routine and got orgasms when I shouldn't. In order to avoid this behavior I advice you to expect tons of hardships and setbacks. Prepare your mind for them in those times where everything is going good. A setback should never come as a shock and make you give up or lose hope. Until I learned this, I never got anywhere. 

Alright, here are some of them: 

  • Tight scrotum and smaller testicles than usual. A "tingling" unpleasant feeling in the scrotum. 
  • Your pelvic spasm will affect your muscles close to it. It might create an unstabile core, week lower back, tight hips and legs, and you'll probably feel the "tingly" unpleasant feeling in your muscles that I talked about in the scrotum aswell. Your muscles might spasm lightly and tremble. 
  • Cold hands and feet. 
  • Loss of size of flaccid and hardening in the flaccid state. 
  • Feeling like your penis is in a way, separated from the body. 
  • Anxious, depressed mind.
  • No morning wood and not feeling horny. 

REMEMBER! When you're experiencing the symptoms above. Don't ejaculate. Take it easy, work on yourself and your body. Fix what's causing your negative symptoms. Then release. And your release shall give you improvement :- )

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