The positive indicators

Good indicators during hard flaccid

To overcome this you need to pay close attention to the negative and positive indicators. It's about putting your self in position in a lane where you've achieved to see all the positive signs. After that, all you have to do is to stay in that lane until your problems subsides. But beware, it is unfortunately very easy to get off lane. 

Some of the good signs that you'll quickly achieve after doing the right things are:

  • Warm Feet and hands.
  • Inflated glans
  • Low hanging and full balls.
  • Bigger penis flaccid
  • Feeling Horny, getting morning wood.
  • Positive mind, feeling energetic and strong. (Increase in testosterone)
  •  Improvement after orgasm. 
  • Pelvic floor relaxed. When the pelvic floor is how it should be it should feel like a uncooked steak. 

You can read about the negative indicators on this blogpost. 

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