Updates: Facebook Group, my identity, etc.

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well under these strange covid- times. Some updates since last time down below. I'm sorry that I'm not updating this blog more often as I mentioned earlier I'm doing this on the side and work a full time job in finance, work alot with coaching clients and just became a father so my spare time is not always the greatest. 

The facebook group is finally live as you might've seen. As I've just became a father I realised that I won't have time to take on too many clients moving forward as I've been getting more and more requests and the success-testimonials has been growing. 

I therefore created the facebook program to offer a better priced alternative and I've always wanted to have a community where we can help eachother grow and share our success stories. It recently is started and I will have a couple clients who've done the program historically in there with great success who's been sharing their stories in there and will be there to help me answer questions.

I've also received some questions around why I don't share my identity in public. Well, to be honest I'm not feeling comfortable doing so. I have no problem in sharing it with people like my clients and in the facebook group, but I don't want it to be the first thing that comes up when my son googles my name if you know what I mean. But my identity is shared with my clients and also in the facebook group ofcourse. 

The three month guarante:

Hmm.. What else? Right - the three month guarantee has been added to both the coaching and facebook program. So if you've not been cured or are well on your way after three months on the program: you can tell me and I will stop all further payments. 

My success with treating clients has been great and my belief is that within a couple years this won't be a problem as wide as it is today. But it still boggles my mind, that after all these years, people think physical therapy alone might cure them. Physical therapy has cured no one with chronic issues - zero people. It does help yes if you work on the muscles surrounding the pelvic, but the root of the problem is still the inflammation and as long as it remains your hard flaccid will. 

And regarding the inflammation - 

I've been talking a lot about how the prostate is the area which is inflamed and causing the problems. But I also believe that the urinary tract and/or the vas deferens is. Or I know this as it's mentioned in studies I've linked to previously and when I got to the point where I was almost cured my self and started cheating on the program, I could feel the tension blow up in there. And I could massage the tension away within a couple of minutes, a new post coming up soon on how to massage the pelvic floor which is really important. (Sitting on a tennis ball won't work)

Enjoy your summer everyone. Best Regards