The first thing you should do: Look if your problems could be from an inflammation

Alright, please do me a favor. Before continuing reading this post. Google:" Hard Flaccid, Prostatitis". You'll get some results right? Some of you might never have heard of it. It took me a long time until I started my research in the area.  

Prostatitis occurs when the prostate is inflamed. Doctors talk about two types of prostatitis, bacterial and non bacterial. 

Yes, your problems could very well be from an inflammation. Infact, I'm pretty sure that 90-99% of those who have chronic hardflaccid or pelvic disorders have it from an inflamed prostate. 

I've always told myself that there has to be an answer to the problem. But no one could provide it before me. If the problem would be purely physical everybody should have gotten rid of it with enough physical therapy. But I've yet to found even one that did after a sustained period of time. 

Look at the picture above , see how close your prostate is to your pelvic floor and  penis? Pelvic tension and hard flaccid is just one of many issues an inflamed prostate can cause. 

I started my research in the bacterial area after reading this post:

At the time when I read this post I had done and tried everything rehab wise. I was a lot better from the physical therapy and had gained my life back yet not fully recovered. Up until this point I was 100% sure the problem was a muscular issue and the recovery would be made in this area. 

I started my research in the field of bacterial prostatitis, which simply is an inflamed prostate. 

Then I found this study

It's basically a study where they put people with CPPS and prostatitis who've failed to get results on the normal treatment from doctors on a specific diet and medicine regime.

From the study: "Although in our study there is lack of a urine culture documenting fungal infection, 80% of our cases showed significant improvement of their prostatitis symptoms, when followed on the regimen


The antifungal regimen may be considered for the majority of young adults, presenting with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome and incomplete response to antibiotics"

So more than 80% of these people with pelvic floor problems got results, and we all know that HF is the result from blood restriction in the pelvis. This sure got me fired up and excited about beating HF for the first time in years. 

I found that there's two types of bacterial prostatitis. 

The first one is acquired most often from Chlamydia. I could quickly rule this one out because when my problems started I hadn't made my debut. The problems are also more severe. People often get intense pain in the tip of the penis or other bodyparts around the pelvis, they can also become sick with fever. The symptoms are in general not the type that I can relate to the general case of hard flaccid. 

However, I still don't believe you should rule it out. Go to your doctor and make a test. 

If you're problems would stem from this type of bacterial prostatitis, the cure is antibiotics. You need to be real careful however. The general doctor or uroligist are far behind in their knowledge of this field and often give a course of treatment that is to short, this is dangerous. If you don't kill the whole batch of bacteria the infection will reoccur. The next time it will be harder to erase, you've become resistent. It's never to late however, if there's anyone of my customers that need help in this area. Write me an email. My program is more geared towards candida prostatitis and non bacterial. My knowledge in this area is wide however, I know the best antibiotics to take and how to proceed if you've become resistent after several failed treatments.

The second one is called candida prostatitis. After reading about this condition. It instantly made me hopeful of complete recovery again after a long time of no or little progression. I came to think of an infection i acquired when I was really young. A candida infection on my penis where I both had problems on my skin, but also "flytningar". 

The infection on the skin could also come back after all those years. When in warm countries and such. 

The condition is really hard to find. And the doctors are so far behind in this area that it's very likely that they don't even know about the it. When I talked to my doctor about it he'd never even heard of it. 

Solution: I just mentioned one of the secrets. You need to change your diet, and you'll need medicine. In my program I'll show you exactly what foods to eat. Beware of some of the diets that is out there. Everyone's saying different things about what to eat. If you go about it in the wrong way it can worsen things for you. 

I will also show you what medicine to eat. I will have a plan if the first one doesn't work. Some of you might need to attack the bacteria with two different medicines simultaneously. A prostate infection is inward and you need to attack it hard and be patient.

IMPORTANT: If your dose is too low or if your course of treatment is too short, you will become resistent and it will make the process a lot harder. You need to be prepared when starting the treatment. There's a big risk your doctor/urologist isn't. You also need to go to the doctor to check your liver-values regularly. Higher doses of these drugs can be dangerous. Everything needs to be done in sync with your doctor. 

You also need to know this: The main medicine for bacterial prostatitis is antibiotics. If you've got candida prostatitis it will be the worst medicine you can take, it will worsen your symptoms as candida grows during antibiotics treatment. 

You might feel that this sounds strange, that the symptoms would be more radical if your prostate was the problem. It's important to know that my symptoms was exactly the same like everyone else with hard flaccid. 

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