The anterior pelvic tilt.

Bildresultat för Anterior Pelvic Tilt

The first one that made me realise HF is a pelvic issue was a guy called obitoo on pe forum. He said in one of his posts that he believe 100% of the men who has HF also has something called anterior pelvic tilt. I remember feeling stuck in my progress at the time, feeling a little down. I googled the word and started making my research and quickly realised it was something I had. Tight hips, tight lower back and week hamstrings? Yep.

Doing what I'm describing down below gave me instant results. I remember my lower back feeling really weak after and during military presses in the gym. A couple of days with the exercises below and I came in the next time in the gym a lot stronger on this exercise as my lowerback wasn't tense and weak anymore. My hips loosened quickly and my bloodflow to the penis was greatly enhanced, really cool :- ). 

This video does a great job of explaining it. I was doing the exercises described, however, I did use the legcurl machine in the gym and I took the stretches for the hipflexors from this video. I also did the standing quadricep stretch, it helps a ton. Don't forget that one! 

Remember: The exercises described are rehab training, perform them with very light weight. Take it real easy with the stretching aswell, as decribed. Good luck comrades! 

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