Pelvic massage

Here's a pelvic massage that actually works which helped me greatly.

Start att beginning of the pelvic floor, right where the pelvic floor starts infront of the anus.

First off: Push that area with the finger, push against the prostate and massage it thoroughly.
After that, move along the whole pelvic floor, all the way up to the penis. Do this by pushing down rather hard, (it shouldn't hurt though) and drag the fingers along the floor.
Imagine you have something in there that needs to get out. If you would have dirt in the beginning of the pelvic floor near the anus that you would need to get out through the penis, how would you do?
When the pelvic floor is inflamed, you have a bit of a ”Tingling” feeling inside it.
Do the massage until you feel a sense of calm in the floor. Do it all the time during the day as soon as you feel that ”tingling” feeling coming.
Whenever I cheated on my program, that tingling feeling came back. I could massage it out and I got a lot better immediately.


I tried the method with the sitting on a tennis ball etc but it doesn't work.Why? This is not only physical - it is an inflammation which is causing your physical problems. The inflammation is probably present in the prostate and/or the urethra/vas deferens and with this massage you get to those areas. 

I've talked about this many times - when are people going to realise that pure physical therapy is curing nobody - and never will? 

Best regards,