Let me improve your condition massively in 30 minutes.

I know the feeling I had when I acquired hard flaccid and read about all the people who never got well. Let me tell you this, they never got well because they didn't do the right things. The problem today is this: The pelvic floor is one complex area. Doctors are far behind in their research of pelvic disorders in general. But it's actually quite simple, fix all your muscles around your pelvis, learn how to relax the pelvic floor and get rid of the probable bacteria on your inflamed prostate. The solution is quite simple, the hard part was finding it. It took me 8 years to find it, you can get rid of 90-100% of your problems however in a week or two if you're doing everything right. 

There are many conditions that doesn't go away by itself. One thing that I talked about before is that I believe a lot of you guys have an inflamed prostate caused by candida. There are millions of people walking around with candida on their toenails for example, their whole life. My father is one of them. He has tried many creams but it wasn't enough. He accepted it and just kept on living. If he had took the right actions, would it have been possible for him to get rid of the candida? Of course..If you're prostate is inflamed, can we get rid of the inflammation? Of course..

The tricky thing here however, is that most of you don't even know that it is. It took me 8 years to figure it out. And trust me, if you go to your doctor and tell him that you have a hard penis in the flaccid state, he will not think about the prostate being the cause. 

Let me help you with some quick and easy actions and exercises that will help with your symptoms drastically. If you're prostate is the cause the full solution will be to get rid of the inflammation. However, when it is inflamed it will cause problems with all your muscles around your pelvis. And if you decrease the problem with all of your muscles it will decrease the tension to your pelvis. It will give you instant relief and you can resume your sexual activities whilst attacking the root cause :- )

Exercise number one (This one is a game changer): Massage your pelvic floor. Just take two fingers and massage it gently whenever it feels tense, it will release tension instantly. Don't overdo it. Just do it for 10-30 seconds a couple of times during the day when needed.

Exercise number two: The plank. Go for 15 sec- 1 minute. Don't go too hard. If you've never done it before and start to shake massively after 15-20 seconds. Then stop. you don't want to go too hard. Think of it like rehab training. 

The plank. Hard flaccid rehab

Exercise Number three: Back extensions on the floor,10rep maximum. Remember, it's a rehab workout.


Stretching exercise number one: Getting tension of your hips will help massively. But don't stretch too hard. 20-30 seconds should be enough.

Bildresultat för Hip stretch


Stretching exercise number two: Hamstring stretch, 20-30 seconds.

hamstring stretch for hard flaccid/cpps

Stretching exercise number three: Sitting butt stretch. 20-30 seconds. 

Yoga stretches for hard flaccid


Bildresultat för trigger point roller

Start with rolling your whole back on it, let it crack. 

Go lightly on all your muscles around your pelvis.

Last but not least: My favorite exercise from Pete Egoscue.

Watch how to perform the exercise here.

Remember: The bodyexercises will not cure you completely if you're prostate is inflamed. I got 80-90% better of 7 years just doing the exercises. The 8th year i started doing my research in the field of bacterial prostatitis and cured myself completely after a couple of weeks.   

As always if you have a question about this post or about my program, feel free to contact me at beathf@outlook.com