2022, Facebook Group, new testimonials.

Hello everyone. Hope you're doing well besides everything cruel the world has to offer right now. 

Life is hectic nowadays as I do this on the side, have a full time job in finance and have 1 year old son. 

But thought I'd make an quick update. I spend most of time coaching people 1on1 or on the facebook group but I will keep on updating the blog every now and then. I will also create a couple youtube videos within short to spread more knowledge. 

I spend less and less time on physical therapy today with clients as it's been confirmed so many times that it's not needed. 

Chronic hard flaccid is the cause of either: 

1: Candida. (Seems like 90-95% of you have this and not bacteria) 


Probably located in the prostate/urethra and maybe vas deferens.

If you have classic hf symptoms - then it most likely is candida which is causing your problems. If it's bacteria - there should be more intense, pain related symptoms like the ones described from bacterial prostatitis. 

New here and skeptic? I get it - I tried physical therapy for 7 years straight before going on this route. What's important to know though - is that I was just the first one to bring this way of treating things to hard flaccid. But I found it after studying chronic CPPS patients. See study down below that I've linked to before many times. 


The facebook group has now been up and running for some time - it was important for me to create so clients could share their success stories to motivate the rest of you. And also of course - to gain trust as I'm anonymous here. 

Down below are some testimonials from the facebook group. 

Questions? beathf@outlook.com