2020 Update

It has been a long time since I made an update on this blog. I spend most of my time today coaching people. But since I've got a couple of questions from you readers on why I haven't updated it I figured it's about time.

There was a time when a guy made a hardflaccid forum who claimed to have been figured out how to cure this.

And there has been a couple more people throughout the last years who've been claiming that they managed to cure themselves. Only to disappear shortly thereafter. I certainly don't want you to think the same thing is happening here. 

As you've might have read from the testimonials I've got several clients cured and most are well on their way. I also get a lot of questions from all of my readers who's been getting great progress from just reading the blog which makes me glad. 

What you need to think about is this: No one has ever thought of this problem as a inflammation caused by candida or bacteria. Everyone has always thought about it like it being purely physical. My belief is that in all chronic cases: its caused by a inflammation. 

Down below is a couple of findings after a bit more than a year of coaching people. 

1: Physical therapy isn't even that important. My first cured client cured himself without even doing physical therapy. He only treated the inflammation. I still recommend the physical therapy though as the cramp in your pelvis has increased tension in your muscles nearby. But the only thing that will cure you is getting rid of the the source of the problem. Which is the inflammation. Physical therapy helps but as long as the inflammation remains one will never get cured. 

2: Ejaculation - Everyone's trying to abstain like it helps. It doesn't. I've abstained from it for 2-3 months at a time only to get back to square one after ejaculating during the years when I hadn't figured out that my problems was caused by the inflammation. However - you first need to start treating the inflammation - when you've done so ejaculation will help as it get rids of the bacteria/candida and you get in new fresh fluids. 

3: Maintenance- Getting rid of your symptoms goes rather quick. One can get rid of his symptoms within 1-3 months pretty much completely. However - after that you need to be on a maintenance routine for multiple months after. Otherwise the symptoms can come back before the inflammation is gone completely. 

4: Even better than before - I often get the question if one can get back to the way they were before.  - Once you get rid of the inflammation it will be like removing huge stones from a river that's been blocking the water from flowing. My sexdrive is even greater than before. 

5: Nothing shows up at tests - If you do a test at the doctors looking for candida or bacteria, nothing shows up. If that would've been the case - doctors would be able to cure you and hard flaccid would never have been a mystery to doctors. 

6: Doctors know nothing about this. Nothing. One needs to educate himself. 

7: Are you still one of those who don't believe a inflammation can cause this? Google "poor circulation and candida" for example. Know what you have in your pelvic floor? Poor circulation. It's not some exercise you did at the gym or because you masturbated too many times. The pelvic floor should be able to handle that.